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Our high visibility Blood Bike Vest is used by volunteer bikers throughout the UK. 

  • Pockets made from polyurethane-backed nylon.

  • Fully adjustable side fastenings. Can be adjusted from Small to Large.

  • Fully adjustable shoulders with radio handset pouch (removable via Velcro attachment) on one shoulder, 2x webbing loops on opposite shoulder.

  • Double mesh construction for durability with full-length, front opening heavy duty zip.

  • Mini Maglite torch pouch.

  • Multipurpose pocket with split ring for attaching lanyards etc.

  • Note book pocket/First aid pouch.

  • Multi-functional pocket.

  • Internal pocket with front zip opening.

  • Wallet key-ring holder.

  • Double pen holder.

  • Large back pocket with side openings, large enough to carry folded lightweight jacket.

  • Plastic badge holders to front (2) and back (1) of vest.

  • Hi-Vis Epaullets

  • Blood Bike Badge set included with the vest.

  • Vest is not a class 3 garment.

If larger sizes needed, please contact to order larger vest

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