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Orange High Visibility Dog Handler/ Security Vest


If you want to stand out more, why not choose our Orange Dog Handler/Security vest, which comes with most features the same as our Black and Hi-Vis Security/Dog Handler vests. 


  • Pockets made from polyurethane-backed nylon.

  • Fully adjustable side fastenings. Can be adjusted from Small to Large.

  • Double mesh construction for durability with full-length, front opening heavy duty zip.

  • Vest is not a Class 3 Garment


       Right Side

  • Fully adjustable shoulders with Click Fast dock-its

  • Multitool/ Mini Maglite torch pouch 4.2 x 5.11cm

  • Note book pocket 13 x 2.5 x 17 cm

  • Indense foam padded front Multipurpose pocket. 11x4x15cm

  • Key ring with hi-vis cover.

  • Plastic Badge Slide

       Left Side

  • Click Fast Dock-its on shoulder.

  • Double pen holder.

  • Internal pocket with front zip opening.

  • First aid/Multi-functional pocket 15x5x12cm

  • Indense foam padded front multipurpose pocket  11x4x15cm
  • Plastic Badge Slide



  • Document/Dog leash pocket with side openings, which can hold a lightweight jacket. 23.5 x 19cm

  • Plastic badge slide 25x12cm

If larger sizes needed, please contact to order larger vest

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