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PDA Vest (PDA01)

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The PDA vest was first launched

in 2006 and is still widely used by the

UK Police Service today.

The vest was designed in consultation between specialist

operational officers, experienced designers and our product development team, to meet the requirements of the new PDA system.

  • Double mesh construction for durability with full- length, front opening and heavy duty zip.

  • Pockets made from polyurethane- backed nylon.

  • One internal zip-fastening front pocket.

  • Fully adjustable shoulders with original 'Klickfast' Tetra radio docks on both sides and attachable epaulettes with velcro backing.

  • Side fastening webbing straps fitted with ladder locks for easy adjustability, safety and comfort.

  • Two multifuntional breast pockets, suitable for first- aid equipment/resuscitator aid, gloves, etc.

  • Utility pocket with internal restraining straps.

  • Velcro-studded strip to secure an incapacitant spray holder (see PJCSHS additional item).

  • Padded pocket to protect PDA equipment.

  • Printer pocket access top opening, bottom opening for use of print out.

  • Leather PDA Pouch, Radio Pouch and CS Holders available for purchase.

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