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Football Spotter Vest (HVFSV01)

We are the preferred supplier to our forces around the UK for our football spotter vest. It was designed, manufactured and tested in consultation with operational police officers with practicality and comfort in mind

  • Our Football Spotter Vest is manufactured utilising high-performance materials and components.

  • One size vest, fitting from Small to Large.

  • Two multi-functional breast pockets, suitable for first-aid equipment/resuscitator mask, gloves etc.

  • Ridged Handcuff pouch

  • Vest available in Left and Right handed

  • Velcro studded strip to secure an incapacitant spray holder (see PJCSHS additional item).

  • Note book pocket, with additional outer mesh pocket fitted with internal elastic loop.

  • Double pistol magazine pouch/multi-purpose pocket.

  • Double mesh construction for durability with full-length, front opening, heavy-duty zip.

  • Baton pouch Velcro fasten adjustable.

  • Additional inner pocket, front zip fasten.

  • Extra badge slides on the front and back of the vest for any further identification needed.

  • Fully adjustable webbing side straps, fitted with ladder-locks and secured by Velcro for safety, comfort and neat appearance.

  • Fully adjustable shoulders with radio Click fast dock-it on both shoulders.

  • All Police ID badges are a restricted product, Force and collar number are required upon Ordering.

To place an order call us on:

0151 545 0985



If larger sizes needed, please contact to order larger vest

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